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Product Releases
November 17, 2020

Automate Online Workflows with Lob and Integromat

For many businesses, one major consequence of the coronavirus pandemic has been the resounding need to go digital. Given the persistent limbo of remote work and the inability to perform critical business operations in person, it is now more important than ever to automate time-consuming workflows and abridge data that currently exist in silos. 

In recent months, we have received an increasing number of requests for low-code or no-code access to Lob’s direct mailing solution. With customer data distributed across different apps, the inability to coordinate functions to quickly generate documents and send mail is a major source of frustration for many businesses. The surge in requests also mirror the current growth in popularity for low-code platforms; these tools are making otherwise inaccessible technological capabilities easy to use with increased connectivity between apps. 

After investigating the huge market of online workflow automation tools, Lob is excited to announce our collaboration with Integromat to bring low-code accessibility to our customers. Integromat’s easy-to-use platform can instantly build connections between apps to streamline any workflow in order to send direct mail through Lob. As a result, users can create custom workflows between their favorite apps or leverage pre-built scenarios such as sending a postcard from Lob to an address stored in Google Sheets. The ability to integrate Lob with hundreds of popular apps combined with a great developer team makes Integromat our preferred iPaaS partner to elevate Lob’s Print & Mail and Address Verification functionalities.

To get started with setting up Integromat, visit our Guides page to learn more or browse some of these articles in our support page:

As you can see in the screenshot above, we’ve worked with the Integromat team to roll out five popular modules for Print & Mail and Address Verification that you can easily leverage:

  • Send a Letter
  • Send a Postcard
  • Verify a US Address
  • Verify an International Address
  • Send a generic API call

You can also try out a few other prebuilt workflows here.

Get started today, and happy connecting!

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