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Announcing Subscription Pricing Plans
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March 1, 2016

Announcing Subscription Pricing Plans

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Ami Wang

Since our inception in the summer of 2013, Lob has been seeing more success with our API products every day. As we've scaled, we've noticed most of our customers increasing their recurring volume over time as well. Because of this, we're excited today to announce our new subscription-based Pricing Plans. Adhering to our virtuous cycle policy, we're sharing our success by passing savings to all our customers.

Pricing Tiers

We will continue to have a FREE Developer Plan for $0 per month that allows any developer to sign up and send API requests with absolutely no minimum quantities. On this plan, you only pay at the end of the month for your monthly usage.

For our customers who ramp up and would like to save money as they send more over time, they can upgrade to a variety of available Plans. Consider the set of sample pricing tiers in the image above-—be sure to visit an individual product's pricing page to see that product's tiers.

Spending more than our highest tier? Contact us for custom enterprise pricing.

We love passing on these changes to our customers as time goes on, and it’s humbling to see all the fascinating integrations our customers create. We hope these self-service pricing plans allow more individuals to do just that!


For more details regarding these Plans, please see our Billing FAQ or contact us directly. If you'd like to upgrade to a plan, you can do so in your Dashboard Settings. For existing reservation customers, please contact your account manager if you have not been contacted already.

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