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Announcing Custom Signatures for Bank Accounts and Checks
Product Releases
August 6, 2016

Announcing Custom Signatures for Bank Accounts and Checks

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Kienan Adams

This summer has been an exciting time here at Lob, with several large features making their way through development. At the same time, we've continued to dedicate attention towards improving our API offerings. Today, we're announcing custom signatures for bank accounts and checks!

How Custom Signatures Works

All users will now see an optional custom signature field when adding a new bank account on the dashboard. Simply click into that field, give us your autograph, then review and submit. We'll automatically add that signature to any checks you create in the future. Be sure to download a copy of your signature from the bank account details page for verification with your bank.

Announcing Custom Signatures for Bank Accounts and Checks image 2

With the addition of custom signatures, we hope that our checks product provides even more customization, utility, and security to our users.


If you'd like more information about signatures or our current checks offering, head to our documentation or contact us directly. If you'd like to add a custom signature to an existing bank account or if you'd like access to this feature via the API, contact your account manager for help with the process!

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