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Lob CEO Leore Avidar featured on the NYSE’s Floor Talk Show to discuss the evolution of junk mail to intelligent mail

June 19, 2023

Lob CEO Leore Avidar appeared with NYSE’s Floor Talk host Judy Shaw to discuss the evolution of direct mail and the importance of cultivating a culture of data literacy.

“So many people get mail, and they think it’s junk,” Avidar said. “Lob’s purpose is to automate direct mail and make it intelligent. We want to make sure when a company sends you something, it’s relevant.”

“One of our customers recently sent a postcard to drive people to their local retail store by using Google Maps and printing directions from each person’s house to the store,” he said. “That’s an example of intelligent mail that makes people feel delighted.”

According to Avidar, direct mail has been a tried-and-true communication channel for more than 100 years, but the printing process was difficult and time-consuming.

“Our goal is to take the direct mail channel to the masses,” Avidar said. “We spent the last 11 years building technology that allows people to send a million unique mail pieces from the cloud.”

Avidar also emphasized the essential qualities of adaptability and resilience in fostering a winning culture, especially in the dynamic environment of startups. With rapidly changing market dynamics, customer needs, and technological advancements, Avidar said it was crucial for businesses to think data first.

“Before we do anything, we measure,” Avidar said. “It’s really hard to build a successful and winning strategy if you don’t know what the numbers are. At the end of the day, numbers rule everything.”

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