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Maximize your ROI with tactical direct mail campaigns

Direct mail can be your highest performing channel, if you approach it tactically. Learn best practices on running effective direct mail campaigns that can boost your ROI by 60%

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Why do you need this guide?

Direct mail delivers a tremendous return on investment. On average, U.S. advertisers spend $167 per customer on direct mail annually to sell $2,095 worth of goods per buyer.  Direct mail offers over a five percent response to house lists and nearly a three percent response on rented lists.
Compare that to the two percent response rate for all digital channels combined!  Direct mail needs to play a pivotal role in your marketing strategy to acquire and retain customers, as well as increase customer lifetime value.

Your modern direct mail campaigns start here

As you face more challenging customer acquisition and retention goals, you need efficient channels that deliver. Enter direct mail.

Common use cases

Whether you are trying to acquire new customers or retain the ones you currently have, an effective direct mail campaign can really turn things around. This report outlines common use cases for direct mail campaigns and how to tackle them.

Tips for direct mail success
Learn how to layout your goals and procedures to set up effective direct mail campaigns. Additionally, each use case comes with tips for attaining higher levels of succes that you can apply to new and existing campaigns.
Personalize, test, and attribute
Create dynamic, personalized content through trigger-based automation to appeal to every customer. Uplevel your direct mail testing capabilities and learn how to correctly attribute your campaign success.

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