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Lob + Salesforce Integration

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Automate your direct mail in a few easy steps

Use Lob with Salesforce to personalize direct mail, trigger sends, and increase conversions at any point in the customer journey. Choose from two easy Salesforce integration options to get started: our award-winning API or no-code integration right in your Lob dashboard.

Send targeted mail that converts with Lob direct mail integrations

Integrate with ease

Get set up fast and start sending mail fueled by your data.

Keep it personal

Leverage your data to send and create direct mail that leads to action.

Track the impact

Use advanced analytics to tie mail to revenue and conversions.

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How to use our Salesforce direct mail integration

Your Salesforce data is your source of truth when it comes to your prospects and customers. Use the Salesforce mail integration to trigger personalized mail that hits the mailbox at the right moment to drive action.

Personalize each piece

Use Salesforce fields to segment your audience and send mail customized to their interests, locale, or funnel stage.

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Meet the right moment

Trigger automated mail to send when conditions are met within Salesforce, and ensure that every piece is timely.

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Streamline the process

Use Lob to print, send, and deliver every piece, reducing tedious manual processes and errors.

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Measure the results

Track the results in your Lob dashboard, or export your data for further analysis in Salesforce.

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Turn direct mail into a conversion machine