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Winning Multichannel Marketing: Strategic Offline Engagement for Modern Retention

March 5, 2020

As customer data becomes more readily available online, marketers are making the most out of their digital marketing channels and online campaigns. However, offline channels, specifically direct mail, are rarely considered in any given multichannel marketing mix because of their general difficulty in sending relevant, timely, and highly personalized targeted content.

See how Blueshift and Lob can help unlock the true potential of omnichannel marketing campaigns by orchestrating multichannel data campaigns, including seamless offline campaign execution and customer engagement. Leverage the often overlooked channel of direct mail by incorporating dynamic customer-focused personalization based on actual customer preferences. Learn how to integrate Lob’s direct mail automation into Blueshift’s data activation platform, and get the most out of your omnichannel marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage effective and timely trigger based direct mail in your omnichannel campaigns
  • Use your own data to find the best profiles for your campaigns
  • Counter digital saturation with engaging offline content that resonates with your audience

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