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On-Demand Event

The Virtual Direct Mail Symposium

June 9, 2020

Direct mail (including all commercial mail) has been around forever, and is largely built on slow, expensive, manual processes. As a result, it’s become a communications afterthought. Today, technology innovations are helping organizations of all sizes save thousands of hours in processing time while creating timely, personalized communications that inform, engage, and delight customers.

Recently, Lob took our Modern Direct Mail Symposium event series online, and provided a deep look at the new world of postal mail to everyone. We brought together speakers from USPS, and Appfolio as well as industry analysts from Mintel to share:

  • How technology is transforming direct mail processes, and allowing organizations to be more responsive while reducing costs
  • Companies that are using innovative mailed communications to improve engagement with their customers
  • Tailored direct mail solutions for the financial services, insurance, and healthcare sectors

Tune in on-demand for these great sessions, speakers and actionable best practices you can add to your direct mail programs.

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