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The Intelligence Behind Next Insurance's 4x Increase in Campaign Performance

November 16, 2022
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The Intelligence Behind Next Insurance's 4x Increase in Campaign Performance

From sales to underwriting to servicing to claims management, finding the right channels to deliver customer and prospect communications at scale while remaining compliant with regulations can be challenging in an ever-changing technology landscape.

As Next Insurance discovered, direct mail enables them to engage and connect with consumers securely, with a 4X increase in campaign performance. In fact, 44% of consumers cite direct mail as their preferred channel of communication, and Lob customers have seen personalized and targeted direct mail provide a 13x higher response rate than email. 

Our insurance customers have experimented with limitless customization options for copy, images, promotions, and offers that drive trust, create personal relationships, and improve customer satisfaction. And we have a curated list of best practices for you!

Listen to our panel of experts from Next Insurance and Lob to discuss:

  • How forward-thinking marketers experiment with different direct mail formats and offers to increase ROI while remaining compliant and operationally efficient
  • How to strategically use your channel mix to deliver an engaging, connected, and memorable customer experience
  • How you can automate your direct mail operation to elevate your data security and compliance 

Meet the Hosts

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Tim O’Brien, Head of Direct Communications, Next Insurance 

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Kim Courvoisier, Sr. Director of Content, Lob

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Gozde Gorce, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Lob

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