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Demo: Send Physical Mail with Lob for Salesforce Non Profit Cloud (NPSP)

August 5, 2021

Effective fundraising and shrinking overhead are critical measures that enable nonprofits to support the right programs and priorities. Forward-looking foundations are finding opportunities to vastly improve these areas with the direct mail platform, Lob.

Learn how Travis Manion Foundation automated personalized donor acknowledgement letters, end-year tax receipts, and marketing mail, while reducing their overall cost by more than 50%.

W Veezla, Travis Manion Foundation, and Lob.orgdemo how your non-profit organization can do the same with the help of Veezla | Print & Mail, a 100% native Lob <> Salesforce integration.

  • Drive donor engagement with highly personalized letters and postcards
  • Automate donation acknowledgment letters and end-year tax receipts
  • Leverage Salesforce Report Builder to send physical mail to Campaign Members just like email
Speakers on Panel: ‍
  • Christina Louie Dyer, Lob.org
  • Morgan Bryan, Travis Manion Foundation
  • Benedek Kokenyesi, Veezla

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