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Real-Life Direct Mail Strategies to Crush ROI and Budget Goals

October 5, 2022
11 am PT / 2 pm ET

As macroeconomic conditions squeeze marketing budgets, the pressure for proven returns on marketing expenditures is steadily increasing. That’s one reason marketers are doubling down on the channels they know deliver results. ROI is paramount.

As marketers, we must ensure our budgets are strategic and laser-focused on generating revenue. How do we balance our immediate budgetary needs when our customer acquisition and retention goals are unchanged?

This webinar answers this question and more. Learn how to create a marketing strategy that crushes ROI and budget goals and withstands economic uncertainty.

Attend this webinar for tips on…

  • How to add value to the customer journey to increase conversions
  • Real-life examples of budget-conscious marketing campaigns that drive big results 
  • How to target, hyper-personalize, and trigger direct mail with timely messaging and offers

When you register for the webinar, you will gain exclusive access to our Modern Marketers Best Practices Guide.

To learn more about using direct mail to acquire, retain, and reactivate customers, check out the other sessions in the Modern Marketer’s Best Practices Series here.

Meet Your Hosts

Julie Ginn, VP of Demand Generation, Lob

Kim Courvoisier, Director of Content, Lob

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