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Navigating the 3 Cs of Financial Services Communication with Intelligent Direct Mail

Campaigns | Compliance | Customer Experience (CX)

November 2, 2022
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Navigating the 3 Cs of Financial Services Communication with Intelligent Direct Mail

Meet the Hosts

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David Chmielewski, COO & Co-founder, Quavo Fraud & Disputes

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Evan Maxon, Director of Operations & Technology, DreamSpring

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Carol Roden, Product Marketing Lead, Lob

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Eamon Barisone, Solutions Engineer, Lob

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Learn more about speaker

Today, it’s more crucial than ever for financial services and banking institutions to know their customers on a deeper level; not only for KYC compliance but also to effectively market to them and win long-term relationships.

While your consumers value the speed and convenience of digital transactions, 70% of consumers prefer to receive paper communications from brands. Automated direct mail has proven highly effective for transactional bills, statements, and applications. And within marketing use cases, Lob customers have seen personalized and targeted direct mail provide 13x higher response rate than email.

Our financial services customers have successfully navigated campaigns, compliance, and customer experience with automated direct mail. And we have a curated list of best practices for you!

In this on-demand webinar, our panel of experts from Quavo Fraud & Disputes, DreamSpring, and Lob will discuss:

  • How to deliver stellar consumer experiences with smart targeting, simple execution and strong measurement
  • How to increase ROI while remaining compliant and operationally efficient. Learn how Quavo Fraud & Disputes hit its compliance goals of 99.5% with intelligent direct mail in a matter of days – and how you can too
  • How to create secure direct mail offers that build relationships and garner trust with your consumers