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Lob Address Verification Platform Webinar

September 18, 2019

From legally required notices to postcards that engage your (potential) customers to invoicing letters and everything in between, direct mail is an effective communication channel. However, with 20% of addresses entered online containing an error, it can often leave you feeling like you are at the mercy of human error. Undeliverable mail costs businesses $20 billion a year in postage fees, reduces the opportunity for a timely engagement, and creates a poor customer experience.

Lob Address Verification API makes sending undeliverable mail a thing of the past. The Lob Address Verification API removes customer facing friction, while verifying that your customer information up to date. Use it to ensure that every shipment is being sent to a valid address and to capture insights that can transform your internal operations.

Ready to learn more? Watch a demonstration of our platform. The 30 minute recording will cover how you can integrate Lob Address Verification API in minutes to:

  • Reduce bad address data by 97% and stop sending mail to an undeliverable addresses
  • Optimize resources by streamlining manual data entry
  • Improve your customer experience with automation and data
  • Correct, standardize, validate and enrich your customer’s postal addresses

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