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How To Strategically Implement Direct Mail Automation For Long Term Success

June 24, 2020

There are four main challenges every business faces when setting up direct mail programs at large scale: resourcing, budget and ROI, learning and optimization, and execution. When properly implemented, a direct mail automation program not only serves as a strategic advantage for companies concerned with cost savings and business continuity, it can also be a career making moment for those who implement these programs.

We have gathered examples and real life learnings from enterprises who have designed and implemented direct mail programs that ship to millions of people globally. Watch as Manushika Yapa, Head of Business Development at Lob will share how large enterprises have been able to:

  • Put together resourcing and budgeting plans that win over executive approval
  • Build out attribution models that show clear program ROI
  • Experiment with direct mail for optimization
  • Execute efficiently to save time and cut costs
  • Build a high-leverage org by implementing tools to enable your people

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