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FinTech Reduces Fraud and Optimizes Resources with Lob Address Verification API

January 30, 2020

The increase of regulatory requirements has resulted in higher compliance costs, with the financial services industry spending over $25 billion in 2018, alone. Worse yet, these regulations have introduced customer facing friction with longer onboarding timelines, repetitious processes, and inefficient workflows.

Lob Address Verification API helps organizations remove customer facing friction, while verifying that your data is valid and up to date. Use Lob Address Verification API to reduce identify fraudulent activity to reduce erroneous entries in your KYC solution, save your customers time with autocompleting fields, eliminate costly undeliverable mail, and capture insights that can transform your internal operations. The Lob Address Verification API can be integrated in less than an hour, and is designed to scale with your business for years.

Ready to learn more? Watch as Lucy Taliaferro, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, demonstrates our platform in this live 30 minute webinar that covers how Lob Address Verification API can:

  • Reduce bad address data by 97% and stop sending mail to an undeliverable addresses
  • Optimize resources by streamlining manual data entry
  • Improve your customer experience with automation and data
  • Correct, standardize, validate and enrich your customer’s postal addresses
  • Identify fraudulent activity to reduce erroneous entries in your KYC solution by up to 20%


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