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Embracing Digital Transformation: Financial Services Empower Offline Operations With Lob

February 13, 2020

Financial services are allocating massive amounts of their budget to stay ahead of the technology curve. In 2018, $104B was spent on mobile banking, AI assistants, and Smart Branch Technology, alone. The increased focus on digital communication makes sense to a point, but has resulted in direct mail being left behind in this wave of innovation. This lack of attention is a missed opportunity as direct mail remains an important and effective tool for marketing, communication, and compliance.

Lob brings digital transformation to direct mail and allows organizations to automatically generate personalized messaging, while reducing operating costs and enhancing their insights. Watch as Stephen Vais, Lob’s Enterprise Account Executive, gives a demonstration of our platform that covers how to:

  • Increase the scalability, reliability, and flexibility of your direct mail efforts
  • Mitigate the risks of sending direct mail
  • Utilize address data to reduce operating costs and improve your customer experience

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