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Eliminate the Hassle in Claim Processing with Automation

August 3, 2021

When your insurance customer faces an incident that results in a claim, they’re looking to you to help get them back to normal as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many insurance carriers have unnecessary delays in processing payments which set clients back days, incurring unnecessary costs for both the policyholder and the carrier.

Insurance teams are asked to manage an archaic process of printing payment details onto specific check paper stock, stuffing envelopes, and matching up recipients and addresses. It’s a costly process that is prone to error and delay. 

But now, with Lob and Metromile STREAMLINE, your insurance business can eliminate these errors and unnecessary delays through intelligent automation of the payments process and simplified direct mail handling. 

Join Mark Pinard, Head of Product Marketing at Lob and Christine Byun, Director, Product Management at Metromile Enterprise to learn:

  • What it’s really costing you in time and money to process and mail checks,
  • How you can increase customer satisfaction with improved payments processing,
  • How you can eliminate the hassle of printing and mailing envelopes in 12 weeks or less

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