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On-Demand Webinar

Drive Retention & Reactivation Success Using Intelligent Direct Mail

Winning strategies from real-life marketers

September 14, 2022

In both B2C and B2B businesses, existing customers make up the lion’s share of your recurring revenue. Protecting and growing them through expansion opportunities, cross-sells, and upsells is crucial. 

We’ve all seen the worst-case scenario before. An active customer starts disengaging, purchases less often, and then pauses their subscription, disappears completely, or even cancels their account; and so starts the reactivation cycle.

As marketers, we spend our most money, time, and effort to acquire new customers and get them to make that all-important first purchase. Our retention and reactivation teams must work just as hard to keep them engaged, make repeat purchases, mitigate churn, and then reactivate latent demand. 

This webinar will give you real-life methods that today’s top marketers use to keep customers engaged, loyal, buying more, and coming back.

Watch this webinar to learn… 

  • Best practices for incorporating direct mail into your retention and reactivation campaigns
  • Real-life examples of direct mail retention and reactivation campaigns that increase customer LTV
  • How to drive ROI within your existing customer and spend 5-25x less than acquiring new ones 

To learn more about using direct mail to acquire new customers, check out the other session in the Modern Marketer’s Best Practices Series here.

Meet Your Hosts

Paul Bobnak, Direct Mail Expert, Who's Mailing What!

Kim Courvoisier, Director of Content, Lob

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