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Demo: Lob Print and Mail API

February 18, 2021

While direct mail consistently outperforms its digital counterparts, it historically has come with convoluted workflows that offer little insight into its effectiveness. However, it’s undergone a recent digital transformation; giving organizations the ability to generate automated and personalized messaging, while reducing operating costs with unprecedented levels of transparency.

Lob brings direct mail into the modern era. Through APIs, Lob integrates with your current tool stack to provide flexible HTML-based creative, that gives you detailed visibility. Lob allows organizations to bridge the digital and offline worlds, and significantly expand their reach.

Ready to learn more? Watch as Ryan Tan, Account Executive at Lob, hosts a demonstration of our platform that covers:

  • Real-world direct mail examples of successful companies that execute across digital and direct mail channels
  • Set up trigger based sends that drive product adoption and customer engagement
  • Utilize Lob's APIs to integrate and customize your offline communications with your current systems
  • Utilize address data to reduce operating costs and improve your customer experience

Meet the Hosts

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