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Data-Driven Direct Mail

April 15, 2021
Data-Driven Direct Mail

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Direct mail is a powerful weapon in the modern marketer’s arsenal. It cuts through digital clutter to deliver response rates up to 13 times higher than email alone. What savvy marketers know is that it’s even more effective when contacts have an existing relationship with your brand. Whether it’s for retargeting, retention, or re-engagement, direct mail can supercharge campaigns across the customer lifecycle.

Modern direct mail campaigns rely on automation and data. Automation to trigger targeted direct mail pieces based on customer behavior or milestones, and data enrichment to ensure that all your contacts are reachable across channels.

Together, Lob and TowerData provide powerful solutions that help companies bring their direct mail into the digital age. Join Mark Pinard from Lob and Katie Intrater from Towerdata for an interactive discussion about best practices for direct mail today. Topics will include:

  • The power of personalization – using data to deliver compelling direct mail engagements
  • Offline retargeting – turning digital intent signals into effective direct mail outreach
  • Measurement and attribution – accurately assessing the impact of direct mail initiatives

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