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3 Companies Automating Offline Communications To Increase Efficiency & Compliance

September 24, 2020

Sending direct mail may seem like it is a thing of the past, however there are numerous reasons it should not be overlooked. Regulations require certain organizations to send physical notices and statements, but direct mail also remains one of the most trusted communication channels. However, the process of sending mail has been rife with inefficiencies that have prevented timely communications, and created costly manual processes that further complicate compliance.

Join us as Nina Wilkinson, Lob's of Customer Success, walks you through three companies that are running fully automated print and mail programs. You will see real examples from Cedar, a healthcare engagement platform, Root, a car insurance company, and Passport Parking, a data management application; that have reduced the manual efforts needed to execute an offline communications channel that delivers results.

During the webcast, we will cover how these organizations are:

  • Using automated direct mail to save on operational costs
  • Meeting compliance with triggered mail and detailed tracking analytics
  • Improving customer experience with reliable and trusted communication

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