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On-Demand Webinar

2023 The State of Direct Mail

Brought to you by Lob and Comperemedia

January 25, 2023

For Lob’s annual State of Direct Mail, we partnered with Comperemedia to understand how enterprise marketers use direct mail to drive growth, how they measure the impact, how marketing budgets are changing, and what the future holds for the channel. We also looked at the differences in responses between those who automate direct mail campaigns and those who don’t.

Did you know…

  • Direct mail delivers the best response rate, conversions, and ROI of any channel used
  • 50% of marketers who automate direct mail feel like their company can determine ROI
  • The need to measure and manage direct mail spend is increasing. Bad address data, budgets, and response expectations are challenging marketers

Join Meaghan Hinchey, Senior Research Analyst at Comperemedia, Paul Bobnak, Direct Mail Evangelist, Who’s Mailing What!, and Kim Courvoisier, Senior Director of Content at Lob, as we explore key findings and actionable takeaways from this industry-leading report. The insights in this webinar are indispensable for marketing practitioners and leaders seeking a greater understanding of generating maximum impact from the direct mail channel.

Meet the Hosts

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Meaghan Hinchey, Senior Research Analyst, Comperemedia

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Paul Bobnak, Direct Mail Evangelist, Who's Mailing What!

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Kim Courvoisier, Senior Director of Content, Lob

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