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2022 State of Direct Mail

Our 2022 survey of 150+ marketing leaders across the US sheds new light on the approach, effectiveness and best practices of modern direct mail marketers.

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2022 State of Direct Mail

Lob and Comperemedia partnered to bring to you the insights on the state of direct mail marketing. We surveyed 150+ enterprise marketing leaders across the U.S. to shed new light on the approach, effectiveness, and best practices of modern direct mail marketers.

Are the use cases for direct mail still relevant?

Enterprise marketers across all industries still invest in direct mail.  

Two-thirds agree that direct mail shows the best ROI of all their current channels.

Direct mail no longer has a singular use case for enterprise marketers. Modern marketing departments increasingly use direct mail for lifecycle-focused omnichannel campaigns, notably in customer acquisition, retention, and reengagement, as well as in advocacy and referrals.

This ebook will help today’s omnichannel marketers gain insights and understand the value their peers get from direct mail.
Companies are integrating direct mail into their existing omnichannel strategy alongside email, paid, and organic channels. Direct mail is the most effective piece of the marketing strategy puzzle, and only 5% of modern marketers are using it as a standalone tactic.

What's new in direct mail?

Software is streamlining direct mail processes and making it easier for marketers to run targeted personalized campaigns with complete analytics and campaign attribution.

Data from Lob suggests that companies that use technology to automate direct mail campaigns have higher ROAS and profitability than their competitors. The 2022 State of Direct Mail survey found that less than a third of companies use an agency for various parts of the strategy, design, or execution of a direct mail campaign.

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