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The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Crush ROI & Budget Goals with Direct Mail

Learn which marketing channels and tactics maximize your ROI and ensure the marketing budget you spend is strategic and laser-focused on generating revenue.

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As marketers, we’re used to changing direction on a dime. Since we’re in unprecedented economic conditions, we must focus on marketing channels and tactics that maximize our ROI. We must ensure the marketing budget we spend is strategic and laser-focused on generating revenue.

Optimize the customer journey to increase conversions

Despite budget restraints, we still have high lead acquisition and customer retention goals to meet. Where your marketing team puts its focus will depend on your organization’s specific goals, but the exceptional thing about direct mail is that it works across the funnel.

Automate workflows to increase ROI 

As pressure on margins grow, marketers are doubling down on channels that they know consistently deliver the ROI they want. This is where direct mail marketers shine. But direct mail campaigns are not easy with manual processes, constantly changing prices and paper shortages. Marketers looking to take advantage of direct mail should invest in automation platforms so they can focus on the strategic and the creative.

Targeting is critical 

The need to deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns is more important than ever. Providing exceptional customer experiences and tightening budgets necessitate being able to do more with less. 

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