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eBook: Operational Mail Handbook

Download Lob's Operational Mail Handbook eBook to learn how to automate, integrate, and optimize your direct mail operations in 3 easy to follow lessons.

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eBook: Operational Mail Handbook

If you're tired of doing the heavy lifting of your non-promotional direct mail communications, such as sending statements, explanation of benefits letters, bills, regulated or compliance-based communications, etc., then you’ll want to download our newest eBook, Operational Mail Handbook, to help you work smarter, not harder.

In this eBook, you'll learn how to reduce resource costs and time spent managing mail so you can focus on innovating and improving productivity in your business.

The Operational Mail Handbook eBook contains 3 easy lessons for automating, integrating, and optimizing your direct mail operations, including:

  • How to leverage API-based direct mail automation to increase productivity, security and cost-savings
  • How to decrease risk and stay ahead of regulations with HIPAA & SOC-2 compliant mailings with full encryption across the production process
  • How you can utilize a nationwide print delivery network that operates around-the-clock to ensure your communications arrive promptly

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