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Make the World Programmable

Lob helps creators extend their applications into the physical world with automated direct mail and powerful address data—delivered through cloud-based APIs.

APIs That Expand the Possible

Lob provides easy-to-integrate RESTful APIs that help streamline workflows around direct mail, address data, identify verification, and shipment deliverability at scale.

Address Verification and Deliverability

A Wealth of
Offline Data

  • Get detailed address data including building type, vacancy, and unit information
  • Leverage geocoding with precise latitude and longitude of delivery points
  • Reduce wasted mail costs by ensuring address accuracy and deliverability
Detailed Tracking & Analytics

Easily Report and Audit

  • Hook in and track every piece of mail as it travels the mail stream
  • Search a full record and rendering of every mailpiece sent
  • Report on real-time and historic mail statuses for compliance audits
HIPAA, GDPR, & SOC-2 Compliant APIs

Scalable and Secure

  • Protect personal data with end-to-end encryption and scheduled deletion
  • Send HIPAA-compliant mailings that properly protect healthcare data
  • Lob APIs are always available, continuously updated, and highly scalable

Ameelio Tackles Criminal Justice Reform Through Direct Mail

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Lob’s APIs are super-easy to implement. Learn how easy it is to verify an address, send a letter, check, or postcard, and track the mail you send.

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