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Lob’s Wellness Initiative + Upcoming Office Closure
Lob Culture
October 1, 2020

Lob’s Wellness Initiative + Upcoming Office Closure

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Lauren Ritchie

We feel it's important to acknowledge the mental stress that this year has brought, and for many people, it has further blurred the lines of our work lives and personal lives. As such, Lob is launching an internal wellness initiative: a three week program with a focus on promoting mental and general wellbeing. This program coincides with World Mental Health Day, which we will be observing as a company holiday on October 9th.

We view this time as an investment in our collective abilities to show up as a team and provide the best service to our customers and partners, but please understand that our availability will be impacted. On October 9th, please reference our Help Center and Docs for any questions you have, and if you need to reach out, expect a response on the following business day.

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