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Lob for Good
Lob Culture
July 24, 2020

Lob for Good

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Harry Zhang

In a recent post, we shared Lob’s commitment to stand against systemic racism, take measurable action, and lead by example. Over the past month, we have been working hard to identify how we can best take action to fight for change. Today, we are launching Lob for Good – Lob’s social impact program focused on racial justice. Now, more than ever, we at Lob recognize our responsibility to be a part of the solution and to model the change we want to see.

Our Mission

Accelerate and support the development of applications built using Lob APIs that are creating a positive impact against racial injustice.

Using Lob APIs for Racial Justice

When we started Lob, we wanted to democratize access to commercial grade printing and mailing through simple APIs. Mail can be used to help amplify messages, such as increasing reach for fundraising efforts or sending letters to elected representatives advocating a particular issue. Our Address Verification API ensures that mail pieces are going to deliverable addresses and our Print & Mail API allows customers to quickly build and scale their direct mail functionality. We believe that creating Lob for Good will enable people to get started faster and lower the friction needed to build applications with our APIs. This will help create a greater and longer-term impact for those working to advocate for change and fighting for racial justice.

We’ve built our Lob for Good program on streamline and make it easier for anyone to build applications using Lob. All members who qualify will receive:

  • Onboarding assistance session post-integration with a Lob team member to discuss strategic objectives, goals, and advise on how to get the most out of the Lob service/platform.
  • Dedicated one business day support plans.
  • Discounted or free pricing for all of our plans.

Who Qualifies

We are looking for organizations that:

  • Center and uplift the voices, stories, and leadership of individuals and groups within the Black community.
  • Address the specific systemic and structural barriers facing Black, Indigenous and other communities of color.
  • Support the recovery and rebuilding of underserved and under-resourced communities and businesses.

If your work is aligned with the Lob for Good mission, we encourage you to read more or apply here today.

Have questions? Email us at forgood@lob.com.

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