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Impact Week 2022: Sustainability and the Environment
May 27, 2022

Impact Week 2022: Sustainability and the Environment

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Calah Vargas

This year, one of Lob’s top priorities is a greater focus on sustainability. As the largest senders of mail in the U.S., we are keenly aware of the environmental impact direct mail has on our planet. Sustainability is one of our Lob.org core focus areas and we continue to be passionate about helping our customers reduce the environmental impact of direct mail.

Lob's sustainability initiatives

We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant over half a million trees and proudly use paper stock that contains between 10% and 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) pulp fiber for all letter and postcard mailings. We are so excited to take it a step further this summer and offer 100% carbon neutral direct mail. It felt suitable to dive deeper into these initiatives and environmentalism in general and make those the themes of Impact Week 2022.

Sustainability and the environment

We kicked off the week on Earth Day with a presentation from our partners at Eden Reforestation Projects and continued the week learning more about our upcoming carbon neutral direct mail launch. We built Kynd Kits for organizations supporting disaster relief and, poured with purpose with ONEHOPE Wines. We heard from the team at Intersectional Environmentalist, had a member of our team share more about the 5 Rs of waste management, and put our environmental knowledge to the test with Earth Day trivia!

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The week in numbers

  • Over 60% of Lobsters participated in Impact Week 2022
  • We brought in speakers for four educational events centered around reforestation, carbon neutrality, intersectional environmentalism, and the 5 Rs of waste management
  • 28 Kynd Kits were sent to Project Helping to support disaster relief organizations
  • Through our Pour with Purpose event with ONEHOPE wines, over $650 was raised for Eden Reforestation Projects, Lob’s reforestation partner, and over $1,350 for Ole Health, an organization providing Napa farmworkers with healthcare

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This year, we attempted our first hybrid Impact Week, as last year’s event was entirely virtual. We still offered events that were virtual, but if employees were in the office, we encouraged them to participate together. For example, during our event with ONEHOPE Wines we were able to host one live tasting where some employees came into the office to participate, while others were able to join virtually. This could not have happened without the partnership of our People, IT, and Office Operations teams!

While we will continue to iterate on the Impact Week experience every year, it is very likely we will continue the hybrid model. We saw an uptick in participation from last year and it was wonderful to see friendly faces in person. Until next year!

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