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Hello From Blog
Lob Culture
May 29, 2013

Hello From Blog

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Leore Avidar

Hello From the Lob Blog!

Hello From Lob!

Hello hello hello! We're excited to announce Lob! Lob is a solution for developers looking to integrate cloud printing into applications. Postcards, letters, and checks have never been so easy to send, or looked this good dropped in customers' mailboxes.

Our mission is to eliminate the complexity and expense of building and maintaining in-house printing solutions. That's why Lob gives you access to full enterprise scale printing infrastructure with no long-term commitment. We offer a minimum spend on a pay-as-you-consume model too. It is easy to integrate, takes the pain out of printing/mailing, cost-effective, and lets you focus on your customers instead of paper jams or trips to the post office.

We can't wait to print some stuff for you all!

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