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Announcing Address Verification
Product Releases
July 8, 2013

Announcing Address Verification

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Harry Zhang

Seems like most of our customers have clamored for this feature. Consequently, global address verification is available as of today! You can finally verify your addresses for over 150 countries around the world for just $0.15 each. For larger, more developed countries our data drills down to as much as street or building level. In addition, it typically covers 98% of a given country. So if you'd like additional information about specifics or have questions feel free to email directly.

Booting Up Address Verification

Due to high customer demand, we've ensured that you'll be able to deploy address verification effortlessly. Sign up for an account and grab your live API key to get started right away!

curl https://api.lob.com/v1/verify \
-u yourLiveAPIkey: \
-d "address_line1=Address Line 1" \
-d "address_line2=Address Line 2" \
-d "address_city=City" \
-d "address_state=State" \
-d "address_zip=55555"\
-d "address_country=Country"

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