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Address Enrichment

Get Insights From Your Addresses Like Never Before

Lob offers a wealth of CASS metadata with every certification—from recipient and street direction, to county and carrier route, and a whole lot more. Residential Delivery Indicator lets you differentiate between commercial and residential addresses, while state-of-the-art geocoding lets you map exactly where your addresses are. It’s fast, powerful, and totally seamless.

Geocoding and RDI

Accurately pinpoint addresses on a map with longitude and latitude coordinates so you get the most out of your data. We even provide RDI (Residential Delivery Indicator) information so you can differentiate between residential and commercial addresses.

Address Standardization

Our intelligent API ensures your addresses adhere to proper postal formatting and autocorrects them when they don’t. Got some piece of information wrong? We’ll automatically fix it. It’s that simple.

Fast Response Times

Our modern RESTful API means no wasted time—we’ll start enhancing your data in milliseconds.

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