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State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights

Lob and Comperemedia partnered yet again to bring you insights on the state of direct mail today – but this time from a consumer perspective. Read survey results from 2,100+ US consumers aged 18+ to understand their usage of, attitudes toward and preferences around direct mail.

Download the report and get all the key findings in this groundbreaking report.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the key findings & actionable insights

Lob and Comperemedia partnered to bring you this State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights Report, where we interviewed 2,100+ US consumers aged 18+ to understand their usage of, attitudes toward and preferences around direct mail.
These insights are invaluable for marketers looking to break through the digital marketing noise and engage prospects and customers with intelligent, ROI-driven direct mail.

72% of consumers read direct mail immediately or on the same day they receive it

With the majority of consumers opening direct mail within the same day they receive it, industry leaders are investing in triggered, omnichannel campaigns based on mail delivery date. Coordinate emails to go out the day after the direct mail arrives or an email to look out for a promotion that’s on the way.

62% of consumers reported having taken action after reading a direct mail piece
Because consumers most often visit a brand website after receiving a direct mail piece, ensure every touchpoint in your campaign has consistent visuals and message match to create an engaging customer experience optimized for conversion.
51% of consumers sometimes or often share direct mail with friends and family
30% of consumers say they would be inspired to take action on a direct mail piece if someone they knew had recently purchased from the brand and recommended them. Leverage the shareability and virality of direct mail by including additional promo codes or offers to share.

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