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Product Updates

On this page, you'll find a running list of new product features that are rolled out to make Lob an even better experience for sending mail and performing address verifications. We may also list minor fixes and updates here, as well as changes to the API, dashboard, or printer operations.

For a dedicated list of updates to our API, please visit our Changelog.

New Size for Folded Self-Mailers is Added

An new size permutation was added to our self-mailer lineup: 11x9 bifold self-mailers. Enterprise marketers can use the 1" offset to write CTAs to increase open rates.

Letters Affixed with Paper Cards are Now Available to Send

Enterprise marketers can now programmatically send letters affixed with double-sided paper "faux" cards to help acquire and convert more customers.

New Print Partner Portal is Launched

A new and improved portal for our Print Partners now provides an easier and more streamlined onboarding experience and facilitates faster data exchange.

New API Reference Goes Live

Lob's API Reference is now generated from our OpenAPI specification (lob-openapi), providing greater technical accuracy and clear and easy navigation for developers.

Lob Public Workspace on Postman Goes Live

We've created a Lob public workspace to enable developers to fork, set API keys, and make their first Lob API call in minutes, all without writing a line of code.

Greater Flexibility for Invoicing is Now Available

Enterprise customers can enjoy greater flexibility in their invoicing, so billing is more reflective of "pay-as-you-go" charges incurred by different teams or departments.

New Form Factor: Folded Self-Mailers

Enterprise customers can now programmatically send folded self-mailers in two new size permutations: 6x18" or 12x9" bifolds.

Lob's Salesforce Integration is Now Live

Salesforce users can now automate direct mail at scale using our direct integration, using Veezla's Print & Mail app via the Salesforce AppExchange.

Return Envelope Tracking is Now Available

Enterprise customers can track their #9 return envelopes via webhooks for USPS Courtesy Reply Mail. Contact us to join our limited beta program.

Improvements to API Error Handling Made

Added new error codes to return more granular messages and matching documentation to provide context for better error handling.

Lob Confidence Score is Live

Leverage Lob’s extensive insight into mail tracking events for more comprehensive address deliverability data.

Integromat Platform Integration Now Available

Integromat's Lob integration is available to automate mail and address verification workflows.

Lob Address Elements Launched

Add front-end address autocomplete and verification to any HTML webform in minutes, with Lob’s Address Verification JS plugin.

Address Verification Dashboard V1 is Live

View and analyze address history to track address deliverability in a single centralized location.

New Batch API is Available

Enterprise customers can send multiple mailpieces faster in a single API request without hitting rate limits. Contact your CSM to join our pilot program.

Certified Letters Tracking Events is Launched

Tracking events for USPS Certified Letters are now directly accessible from the dashboard, API, and by subscribing to notifications by webhook.

Transition to More Sustainable Paper

Letters and postcards are now printed on paper with over 10% Post-Consumer Waste pulp.

Lob Introduces Detailed Audit Logs

Enterprise customers now see 29 distinct user actions automatically recorded in the dashboard.

Tracking Events Data is Now Exportable

Track events by exporting data to Amazon S3 and to a CSV file for quicker reference.

Advanced HTML Template Syntax Available

HTML templates now support booleans, conditionals, and loops for greater personalization.

Check Mailed Tracking Event is Launched

Enterprise customers can surface postmarked timestamps of checks via the API, dashboard, and webhooks.

Mail Speed Analytics and Geographic Distribution Available

Enterprise customers can now access geographic-level US mail distribution data on mail density or speed distributions.

Address Autocomplete Enhancements Implemented

Autocomplete functionality and accuracy improvements made to the US Autocomplete API.

Improvement to Customer Support Forms

Added ability to add images and screenshots to customer support forms.

Address Verification CSV Uploader is Now Available

Address Verification API can accommodate batch verifications via file upload outside of your integrations.

Int'l Address Verification Test Environment Available

Customers can optimize their returned metadata setup, given different countries return data in different formats and depth.

“What is an Address?” Interactive Visualization Launched

A fun, interactive data visualization page for US address data is launched.

NCOA Improvements Made

NCOA data is available to Enterprise customers who have signed a PAF, enabling these customers to reach their recipients seamlessly and keep their address databases up-to-date.

Postcard Mailed Tracking Event Launched

New webhook event is available and can be subscribed to track Postcards.

Enhancing Address Metadata

Expanded returned metadata now includes if a delivery point validation is active.

Introducing US Custom Envelopes

Enterprise customers can use our envelope design customization and ordering feature in the dashboard.

Single Line Address Parser

Address Verification API accurately verifies a broader range of address formats contained in a single field.

Lob is Now SOC-2 Compliant

Lob’s SOC2 accreditation and security reports are publicly available on the new Security page.

Security Improvements Made

Shipped several fixes, infrastructure changes, and upgrades to 3rd party libraries to improve security and customer privacy.

New Address UI Element Available in Dashboard

Address displays for postcard, letter, and check creation on dashboard has been improved.

Single Sign-On Now Available

SSO can be integrated with the customers’ identity provider (eg. Okta, OneLogin) to log into accounts in the dashboard.

Mail Routing Enhancements

Letter routing across our Print Delivery Network was optimized for production speeds and will receive mailed events when entering the mailstream.

New Webhook Event on Cancellation Notifications

New webhook events for cancellations are available whenever a piece of mail gets cancelled.

New HTML Templates Added

A variety of production-ready sample HTML templates are now available in the template library.

SQL Library pg_insights is Open-Sourced

An open-sourced library of SQL scripts aids in Postgres administration and gauges high-level database health.

Plaid Integration for Invoice Payments Available

Customers can connect their bank account for added flexibility on paying invoices with Plaid.

Signature Upload for Checks is Available

Checks can now be sent with a custom signature uploaded from image files.

Partner Data Reporting Improvements are Made

Data pipeline improvements enable greater capacity utilization of printers and more complex data tooling.

Int'l Mail Visibility is Added to Print Partner Dashboard

Greater visibility into international mail usage is available for Lob’s print and postage partners.

Print Partner Analytics Dashboard is Launched

Performance analytics dashboard with various runtime metrics is now available for Lob’s print partners.

Zapier Integration Guide is Available

Created a step-by-step overview to help automate the sending of mail using Zapier.

Certified Letters with Electronic Return Receipt Now Live

Our certified letters now provide electronic return receipts with a digital image of the signature used to accept the letter.

Proof of Mailing Event for Letters Available

Confirmed date and time of handoff to USPS for US letters is available for Enterprise customers in the dashboard, API, and by subscribing to notifications by webhook.

New Mail Class Option: USPS Standard Mail

USPS Standard Mail is offered as a new delivery option for all customers for Postcards & Letters.

US Address Autocomplete API Launched

New API released with publishable keys, single-string US Address verification, and intelligent zip code handling.

Free Verification of Mailing Addresses

All mailpieces sent via Lob to benefit from free address cleansing and verification powered by CASS-Certified Address Verification API.

New Return Data Added to Address Verification API

Address Verification API now returns Geocoding (latitude and longitude coordinates) and Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) data.

Scheduled Mailings for Future Date Available

Enterprise customers now have the ability to schedule postcards, letters, and checks up to 180 days in the future.

Cancellation Window Settings to Mailings Added

Customers now have a configurable cancellation window that will hold mailings from production.

Premium Support Plans are Now Available

Customers can now access dedicated support escalation, joint API architecture and integration planning, and faster response times.

HTML Template Management Available in Dashboard

Customers can create, view, edit, and manage commonly used HTML templates in Lob.