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Fully generated using an Open Api 3.0 spec, this is Lob's first CSharp/DotNet SDK. This SDK allows for easier integration for organizations utilizing Microsoft.

Lob Public Workspace on Postman Goes Live

We've created a Lob public workspace to enable developers to fork, set API keys, and make their first Lob API call in minutes, all without writing a line of code.

Lob's Salesforce Integration is Now Live

Salesforce users can now automate direct mail at scale using our direct integration, using Veezla's Print & Mail app via the Salesforce AppExchange.

Integromat Platform Integration Now Available

Integromat's Lob integration is available to automate mail and address verification workflows.

Plaid Integration for Invoice Payments Available

Customers can connect their bank account for added flexibility on paying invoices with Plaid.

Zapier Integration Guide is Available

Created a step-by-step overview to help automate the sending of mail using Zapier.