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Import Figma Designs with New Plugin

Convert mail creatives designed in Figma into Lob HTML templates in minutes, and take advantage of dynamic personalization, including image and text variables.

New Identity Validation Endpoint Available in Beta

Easily validate whether a given individual actually resides at an associated address with our new Identity Validation confidence score.

QR Codes Encourage Engagement and Add Trackability

Insert QR codes into mailpieces to make campaigns even more actionable while providing tracking and insight, available now for letters and postcards.

Return Envelope Tracking is Now Available

Enterprise customers can track their #9 return envelopes via webhooks for USPS Courtesy Reply Mail. Contact us to join our limited beta program.

New Batch API is Available

Enterprise customers can send multiple mailpieces faster in a single API request without hitting rate limits. Contact your CSM to join our pilot program.