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Meet the Mailers: Driving ROI with Direct Mail Automation

Presented by Lob and Who's Mailing What

Paul Bobnak at Who's Mailing What! interviews Lob's own Summer Hahnlen, Senior Director, Direct Mail Expert in Residence, about how driving ROI through personalized direct mail. The interview centers on how companies can connect (and reconnect) with customers by using mail that speaks to them one-to-one.

Get expert answers to the following questions:

  • How can marketers benefit from triggered direct mail?
  • Are there some best practices that you discovered that worked for retargeting customers with direct mail?
  • What are some good ways to personalize mail?
  • How can mailers make sure they have the best data for personalized campaigns?
  • What are some tips to create a winning direct mail offer?
  • What can mailers do with their mail pieces and plan to maximize their campaigns across different channels?

Meet the Speakers

Summer Hahnlen
Direct Mail Expert, Senior Director, Direct Mail in Residence
Paul Bobnak
Content Lead, Direct Mail Evangelist

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