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Case Study

Marley Spoon’s Recipe for Reactivation Success with Intelligent Direct Mail

Presented by Lob and Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon partnered with Lob to reactivate its churned customer base using automated direct mail. Marley Spoon’s CRM reactivation team used a test and experiment approach in the first quarter. To maximize ROI, they used user attributes and real-time data to create personalized reactivation campaigns focused on high-value customers. This strategy enabled the team to start small (minimizing risk) and apply its learnings to iterate and optimize future campaigns. 

In less than 3 months:

  • The direct mail reactivation campaigns drove 20% of reactivation conversions in a single quarter
  • Achieved a 263% higher conversion rate with direct mail than with email 

Direct mail was a key ingredient in feeding Marley Spoon’s growth by reactivating churned customers, but it’s also helping the team save time by automating manual processes that were time and labor-intensive. Now the team is more productive and can spend its energy optimizing what works best. 

Meet the Speakers

About Marley Spoon

In 2016, Marley Spoon partnered with Martha Stewart and Sequential Brands Group, Inc. to launch Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, a meal kit delivery service featuring Martha Stewart’s award-winning recipes and smart cooking techniques.  Marley Spoon sends recipes and pre-portioned seasonal ingredients in one convenient box, making it easy to cook a delicious dinner at home.

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