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Raise your direct mail ROI

Lob’s Direct Mail ROI Calculator will reveal if you’re leaving revenue on the table

Lob transforms your direct mail process at scale.

With our easy-to-use SaaS platform, out-of-the-box analytics and expansive print delivery network, you can scale up your direct mail marketing easily.

We tested a campaign and got immediate results with an ROI of 155%. Not only could it scale, but direct mail was profitable right off the bat.

Evan Metrock

iExit Founder and CEO

Improving your direct mail ROI benefits your business

Productivity gains

Increase direct mail production by 150% and decrease project timelines by over 60% with automated printing, postage, and address verification.

Risk mitigation

Decrease costs by 85% with operationally efficient direct mail workflows.

Hard cost savings

Legacy direct mail workflows expose your company to potential security risks. Our industry-leading security is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and is built into every aspect of Lob.

Revenue acceleration

Move prospects through the lead funnel faster with hyper-personalized direct mail campaigns.

How much ROI do your direct mail campaigns get?

As legacy direct mail processes have been transformed through automation and technology, a new era of direct mail marketing has been ushered in.

One that’s personalized, trackable, measurable, and drives bottom-line impact in the form of acquisition, retention, CLTV, revenue, and ROI like never before.

Contact our sales team to learn more about direct mail automation.

Improve your ROI through automated direct mail

See how you can reduce costs by up to 85% and make direct mail an effective channel

Direct mail automation resources to power your success


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The Direct Mail Tactics Playbook

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